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Server & Network Management
Infrastructure Management Services & IT Operations Center

IT Operations Center serves the Customers e-infrastructure by proactively monitoring & managing the availability, security & performance of Information Technology Services.

Be it 50 or 5,000 servers, we are equipped to manage them efficiently.
We have built an IT Operations Center to offer you services which go beyond your network to your systems and everything else that is a part of your IT setup.

And meanwhile, we let you concentrate on what you are best at  Your Own Business!!

Architecture Overview:

Over the years, we have built expertise in specific industry verticals. We understand the different industry domains and what market forces affect your particular business segment.

We align our working to your business needs, thus enabling you to stay ahead of your competition at all points in time. We analyze your operational environment, using clearly defined, documented processes based on Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

All this comes from our IT Operations Center facility situated at Hyderabad, with a supporting DR site elsewhere. At ITOC we use world class monitoring tools and resources and have engineers working round the clock managing IT infrastructure for global clients. Our expert knowledge ranges from simple LAN devices like desktops to complex security appliances to highly scalable servers and clusters.

We monitor your infrastructure through a secure, high-speed connection to detect IT faults or failures. You can visit our ITOC anytime between 24*7, with prior appointment.

Following processes for you are being carried out on a regular basis and related reports generated:

bullet Daily operations monitoring: Routine administration and health diagnosis for network/servers/applications is carried out from the ITOC at specified regular intervals.
bullet Historical Trends Analysis: This historical study activity details past trends of selected parameters. These trends can be further analyzed to calculate system uptime/downtime, help in calculating compliance to SLA terms, etc.
bullet Proactive monitoring processes: Based on historical trending analysis, Our engineers who remotely monitor your IT infrastructure, provide an early warning if they observe any kind of positive or negative deviation from the past trends. This proactive method helps in detecting the problem even before the link or component actually goes down.
bullet Reactive event processes: On any disruptive occurrence, our experts inform you of the problem and also participate in resolving network and system faults in conjunction with the onsite team. Calls that require onsite efforts, like hardware replacement, backup tape management, etc., are passed on to the onsite team.
bullet Post mortem processes: Carried out by our ITOC engineers, after a disruptive event occurs, these processes serve well to study why such an event happened in the first place and what future preventive measures can be taken to minimize repetitive disruptions.


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