Offshore Outsourcing

An Inside Perspective

US never had any competition for their cream manpower. They were smart, were the first to employ IT services and they had little competition. Except from Britain and Australia and few other countries there was no competition at all. Infact US was importing Indian technicians for long to nudge the gap lying within their domain. But as the work locations started changing places - there was immense pressure from the Indian workforce. They had the first hand knowledge, were quite efficient and demanded fraction of amount against their competition. As such - they were bound to blossom.

So is there a cure?

We predict that US will stabilize their economy by generating new sectors of employment. Like services, BPO and ITeS - which are comparatively newer industry - some innovative approach towards the business model has to be taken. The concept of free trade will win at the end of the day and bring prosperity to everyone around the world.

  Offshore Outsourcing
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